How to make Glitter dipped feathers

If you’re like me and love using feathers in your crafty projects, then you’ve probably seen some cool glittery finished versions around the place lately!

Today I made up a batch of my own to use as pretty packaging finishing touches.

I’m sure there’s a billion ways of doing this, and to be honest I really didn’t do any research to find the best way but I’m really happy with how easy it was and how well the feathers turned out.


Gather your things.
1. Glitter
2. Glue – adhesive spray is good because it won’t mess with the little feather hairs when applied
3. Feathers

White feathers are fantastic but you could really use any colour or pattern. I get my feathers in bulk from ebay mostly, but am always digging around the craft sections of op shops because you just never know!

Spray from the tip of the feather up to where you want your glitter to go. Tip – adhesive spray is messy so make sure you’ve got some old cardboard underneath it and do this in a well ventilated area.


Sprinkle your glitter over the gluey area. Make sure you’re very specific when sprinkling at the part where the glittered area starts. You want a nice straight line – or not. If you like a more ‘crazy rustic’ look then let the glitter go wherever it wants!

Shake off the excess glitter and you’re done baby!

If you do feel you need to seal in the glitter you could spray over the top with some more adhesive or even a clear varnish, up to you, but I just left mine as is.